Monday, 12 May 2008

A Present For Aijay

I had wanted to do this for about seven months now, ever since I started blogging, however, time and events always seemed to conspire to put it on the back burner.

You know how you see people's 'names' on blogville and you sort of know them by their comments and with where they visit, Aijay was one I was reminded of by frequently seeing a car drive by with a personalised registration that closely matches her name although I had never been to her blog pages before today and our paths did not cross on blogville.

Again, a few weeks ago, I saw a post by someone I cannot now recollect, asking 'where is Aijay?', and I was reminded to write this. It took this long because the car would not 'sit still' until a couple of weeks ago when I went to make some purchases at Staples the stationers, and i saw it parked. Took a quick picture with my phone, and now, here we are Aijay, a present for you.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I Met A Bird

So it was bank holiday weekend. It also happened to be one of those weeks when I realised I was not being productive, only marking time. I was looking forward to the holiday (only in the UK would one look forward to a one day holiday with so much craving).

So I carried myself to Switzerland for the weekend, did a jiggle between Geneva and Lausanne, even found time on Saturday to make a boat trip across Lake LĂ©man into Evian in France (the weather was not bad and the view good – snow-capped mountains and all),

where I met a bird, as I was sitting by a mobile snack stall with a couple of friends, having a beer, ice cream, apple juice, water and burgers, in no particular order.

The bird flirted outrageously with me, her friend very close by. I wondered to myself: how times change. Look at me sitting down with an indulgent smile on my face, doing nothing but enjoying the attention all the same. Had this happened years ago in Lagos, the bird would already be on her back, or in my hands.

What is it with these birds in the West that they do not appear to have a fear of man, I wonder?