Monday, 28 April 2008


I was tagged by guerreiranigeriana to do this. I had not intended to be involved in any tagging because they reveal too much unless one decides not to be truthful, but being sure no man has ever said no to guerreiranigeriana, I do not intend to be the first.

The rules:
1. Link the person who tagged you - just did
2. Mention the rules in your blog - doing that right now
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours - OMG!
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them - the fun part, but how do I know who's been tagged before?
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged - with pleasure

1. In public places, I always sit at the back or with my back to the wall, except when not possible: in church, in restaurants, seminars, parties. I like to see what's going on and am paranoid about people just walking up behind me

2. I dont like surprises (a spinoff from 1.) - no matter how pleasant, they make me apprehensive. If you're buying me a Lear Jet, just tell me, dont take me to the hanger to show me (chances are I will refuse to go with you anyway)

3. I dislike guessing games. Dont call me and ask: 'guess who's speaking?' Dont ask me to guess who you met on the way to work today (for crying out loud, there are 65 million people in the UK today and counting)

4. I think women look much sexier dressed than undressed. Nothing like a well-dressed woman to get the juices flowing and you thinking about tearing her dress off

5. I like cars. When I become a millionaire, I'll probably have 20

6. The sound of children playing always fills me with bliss

That's me done.

I tag lighty; sherri;; sha; omosewa; darkelcee; tobenna

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

To Marry Or Not?

It seems to me there is one seemingly never-ending season of nuptials going on, which leads me to wonder at the veracity of the institution. I’ve been there, done it and can tell you it’s one of the few acceptable modes of procreation (and, in a some cases, breeding). Some people claim companionship, however many individuals end up being more lonely in a marriage than out of one, so I will not include that point. Others claim love, something that is so relative and so totally subjective, it is impossible to adequately define.

For a man, being in his 30's and financially secure is not necessarily a prerequisite for marriage, and the fact that he does not propose to a woman does not mean he wants to play the field, he may simply find marriage to be a scary commitment, especially if he lives in the west where wives are wont to kick their husbands out of the marital home.

I do have to be honest, though, in saying that there are some axis a man would revolve around which are not conducive to being single, especially big money circles. Men here tend to believe that the support of a good (‘good’ being the operative word) woman is essential for a man’s stability of mind and coolness of head. But where will you find a ‘good’ woman that will stay sweet? That will not transform into Cruella Deville? That special woman who will not change after she digs her talons into you? Don’t get me wrong, I swear they’re out there, they just seem to be very good at hiding.

For most people all over the world, marriage is seen as a sort of progress marker and in some cases, their partners as accessories to be shown off for their worth and their looks, not for the companionship and lifelong partnership they're supposed to provide. Again, at a certain stage in life, a single woman faces an uphill task, so the itch for marriage starts in their 20’s (bearing in mind women are a lot more mature than men of the same age, anyway).

Women seem to see more romance in the wedding ceremony than men. Of course, they also look for a good man to share the marriage with, but here’s the crunch, they’re not as fearful when getting into a committed relationship as men. Indeed, women have been known to point out the male fear of commitment as a sign of immaturity. The concept of a ‘good’ man also seems to change from that of a ‘good’ woman – secure, confident, it helps if he is solvent, a bonus if he is a romantic. Does that man exist? If he is, does he enjoy being a playa? Has he already been snagged?

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

End of Days?

Not too long ago, I received a flyer from the Border and Immigration Agency of the Home Office, to the effect that from February 29, companies that employ illegal immigrants would be committing a big offence which carries a hefty fine. Companies are expected to confirm immigration status before employing, a practice that unfortunately gives too much power to the occasional bigot in human resources.

I have also recently come across TV and newspaper adverts proclaiming the vileness and criminality of illegal immigration. On January 28 Channel 4 News reported “a huge increase in foreign arrestees throughout the UK. Police forces throughout Britain are at ‘bursting point’ as they struggle to cope with an influx of migrants…”

Between 2003 and 2006, the Metropolitan Police (covering the London area) reported a 49% increase in arrests of illegal immigrants; Hertfordshire 61%; South Yorkshire 65%; Gwent (Gwent? Where the heck is Gwent, for crying out loud?) 673% (no, it's not a typo - 673%). It appears that illegal immigrants that moved to rural areas because the authorities there seemed more ‘gentle’ are now flocking back to seek the anonymity of the metropolis.

I discussed this trend with some friends, the general consensus being that since Britain opened up to Eastern Europe and Polish, Slovak, Bulgarian, Romanian, etc. migrants came in offering cheaper labour, illegal immigrants are no longer tolerated. One dissenting voice said even the Polish are returning home as the golden fleece now seems well and truly jaded.

The above argument does not work for me though. How about across the pond in the US? Most of their police forces are now undertaking ICE (Immigration Control and Enforcement) courses, which they would not have touched with a barge pole a couple of years ago, even those that resisted it before have signed up with a resultant backlog of 92 forces awaiting their turn. The new policy seems to target their Latino population across huges swathes of Texas, LA, Arizona and Florida. Some forces such as those in Houston now verify the immigration status of anyone they stop, even a traffic stop for a broken tail light.

What is going on?